Back from overnight camping.

Cabin at Carney park

So my daughter wanted to go camping for her birthday. About the closest that we can get is camping at the local military recreational facility. Spent most of yesterday packing...because I don't do things small. The kids need food, toys, extra clothing. Sara absolutely couldn't leave the house without her gameboy and soccer ball. Yes, we were going to ROUGH IT already.

We arrive at the campground. There's a HUGE party of young twenty-somethings in all of the cabins surrounding ours. Loud music. Lots of beer. My first thought: Oh great, no sleep tonight. Second thought: When did I turn into the person who doesn't like loud parties. Ten years ago this would have totally been my thing. Now I view these social arenas with something approaching dread. The sad part: They all stopped to look at us. You could almost see the "old people with kids" alert go out. The music was turned down at least.

Unfortunately it was turned back up at 1 am. But I digress. As we arrive it starts to rain. This is a momentous occasion for Naples, Italy, since it hasn't rained since MAY. (That's my estimate, others put it at April) So this is a good thing for the city. It does pose a few problems for us. You see, there isn't much room in our 1 room cabin for four people, two of which are energetic children. The next problem was that I neglected, in my apparently not so thorough planning, to pack any games or cards. So we were faced with hours with absolutely nothing to do. Back into the car we went.

Two hours later, and a gas tank lesser, we return with games, cards, more snacks, etc. The rain immediately stops. Thanks. We cooked out and played games. Went to bed at 11 not to fall asleep until 2. (Thanks neighbors!)

Sam's up at 5 am. My first waking thought is "3 hours sleep can't be good." I momentarily wonder if I can send my 2 year old over to the now quiet party people's cabins.

We slog around the area on a hike. We slog to the playground. We hungrily inhale oh-so-very-Irish corned beef hash breakfasts at the Irish Pub of the Italian recreational facility build for americans and brits to use. We dip our toes in the icy water of the pool (it was chilly all night) then decide at noon to go home.

We seem to not be having luck with vacations of late. Our trip to Rome last month was a bust. (The hotel was substandard, and in a city/country famous for it's food there were literally NO restaraunts within a 5 mile radius. ) I'm really beginning to suspect that the Italian tourism board is in league with our local Morale Welfare and Recreation tourist office. And yet again, all I have as far as pictures is this guy that woke me up at 5 am. Can you see why I couldn't be mad?


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