It's been a few days and sunday stitch update

It's been a few days since last I posted. We've had a wonderful weekend. Many games of Skip Bo and 80's trivial pursuit were played. Much laugher, children and friends. And some stitching. I've managed to completely revamp my blog and my myspace pages...they're much better IMO now. I've managed also to get some stitching done. Here's my week's progress on part 3 of Tuscany town. It's almost 1 whole section of the four parts. This portion is tricky, and I believe that completing this before section 2 is advisable for those who have not started yet.

I'm still loving this design! I've yet to finish the last little part on the left, and do the special stitches. This part of the design has no beading.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Heck, I feel positively inadequate! I can't sew for toffee. Although I did a few stitches last week for my daughter's fancy dress outfit. It was pretty shoddy though! Well done, I really admire your talent.

Crystal xx

Bliss said...

I love everything that you are stitching at the moment!

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