New Art Passion

I've never been an enthusiastic appreciator of art. I feel that I must make that clear from the start. Looking for things to put on my walls hasn't been top priority. My walls are usually populated by Scott's wolf fascination and my completed cross stitches (precious few at that.)

Today I stumbled upon a cross stitch website, Cross Stitch Collectibles, that sells cross stitch patterns made from pieces of museum art. I browsed and found the Pre-Raphaelite collection. Shock, amazment and obsession ensued.

I don't wish to cross stitch these patterns...they're far too detailed for me. I want the prints. I've narrowed down to these, all of which are by John William Waterhouse. I've not looked at other artists yet.

"The Crystal Ball"

"Miranda, The Tempest"

"The Lady of Shallot" This one touches me. The story is that Elaine of Astolat, was a maiden who was in love with Sir Lancelot. She died of grief when he didn't return her love. The look on her face in this piece breaks my heart.

I'm a sucker for spurned women. Here is "Fair Rosamund", which depicts Rosamund Clifford (c. 1150 – c. 1176), often called "The Fair Rosamund" or the "Rose of the World", who was famed for her beauty and was a mistress of King Henry II of England, famous in English folklore. (Thanks wikipedia!)

Finally, I submit this piece, entitled "Marianna in the South". This doesn't seem to be one of Waterhouse's more popular pieces, as evident by the notable LACK of prints or posters available. If anyone can find one that isn't $115.00 unframed, please, point me to it! Based on a Tennyson Poem, as are many of Waterhouse's works.


Naturemama said...

They are all beautiful. If your looking up his prints again check out "Awakening." I can't decide if I like it or if it disturbs me. LOL! It caught my attention though.

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