Rain finally, weekend stich update, and subscribers oh my!

After months of drought (none since late April) we have rain! A real, bonafide thunderstorm this morning. I'm defenitely a water element person, and have missed it. Maybe it's not so good for Sara to walk to school in, but she's actually happy about it.

This was taken at sunrise this morning. The mountains are almost totally obscured except on the left where you see the flash of red in a valley.

This weekend I finished what I could of part 2 of Tuscany Town. I'm still waiting for the 2 petite braid metallics to come in the mail from the states. It usually takes a month to 6 weeks for my orders to come in...It would be faster to fly there and get it, really. Onwards to Part 3!

Finally, I can't believe that I actually have subscribers! I'm flattered and excited! I feel like a "real" blogger now...

Double take of the day?


Squazi said...

I know how you feel waiting for rain. We still haven't had nearly enough rain to break our drought.

I have definitly subscribed to your blog because I find it interesting and want to keep up with your stitching.

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