Stitch update

I haven't gotten a lot of stitching done this past weekend, but I've gotten plenty done during the week. Scott and I are down with the "Naples Crud" that everyone gets once a year at least. You know the crud....the coughing, head cold, sore throat, body aches thing. This should make our trip to Rome

Here's the shot:


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Wow! Any tips on sewing buttons on!

Crystal xx

Little Grey Cat said...

Hi Gina

You're stitching some gorgeous pieces. Have enjoyed reading your blog. What a shame about your trip to Rome and the camping weekend.


Mindi said...

Wow, Tuscany Town Mandela is looking gorgeous. It really makes me want to start mine. Hope you get over the crud soon and start feeling better.

Gina said...

Thanks everyone!

Crystal: do it securely! ha!

Squazi said...

Your mandala is looking really fantastic. I just love this design. Why are there so many designs I like and so little time to do them all?

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