Photo hunt: Original

This is a toughy. I've gone through my photos and thought and thought. What I came up with is this photo of my grandfather and my daughter. This was taken a couple of years ago. He is the partiarch of my family, the ORIGINAL, oldest member. Not that great for the theme, but what I had. Sorry about the lateness. This weekend got away from me.


Katney said...

Late it may be, but it is definitely a good original. Many commented about having difficulty with the theme, but all of those I have seen have been good interpretations.

Great smiles!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

What a lovely happy man your grandfather looks. And your daughter is gorgeous. Great photo, a real breath of fresh air.

Crystal xx

changeiam said...

Better late than never :) I'm late as well this week and visiting other original posts. That's definiately an original idea :) Come check out my original as well

tkdchick said...

Sometimes the photohuts leave me scratching my head too!

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