Thank you Suzanne! And stitch update

Thank you for the award...I'll display it proudly..

So I've been working on Pompeii Garden for the last two weeks and have made lots of progress. I've completed section 3 and parts of 4 and 5. Instead of working all of 4 then moving to 5, I've decided to work the two parts simultaneously, eradicating the need for me to move my qsnap around so much. As you can see, it's quite farther along.

Here's how it was:

Here's now:

Now I'm off to work on Tuscany town.


Suzanne said...

The smile award was my pleasure. I love the Pompeii garden, you are making great progress. Can't wait for the next installment.

Little Cat said...

Wow Gina, that's gorgeous! I just clicked to enlarge and it's a beautiful clear photo. I didn't realise that Pompeii was so sparkly. It really is beautiful and I'll definitely be back to see more.

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