Trip out yesterday

Yesterday Scott was on liberty, so we decided after a short driving lesson (I'm learning how to drive a standard or "stick" car is back home and a automatic)to go to the brand new, shiny mall that opened near Caserta....about a 20 minute drive away. It's an american style mall. Two stories, tons of stores, some we even recognized from back home. It all made me feel so homesick. We ate lunch at a restaraunt called "wild wild west". I don't recommend. I highly doubt burgers were ever microwaved in the wild west. Not so good.

The gelato afterwards, however, was stellar. Scott had Pesce (peach) and I had Ferrerro Rocher. Yes that's right...just like the candy. Chocolate gelato with bits of hazelnut, wafer and globs of nutella. I wish I had a gallon of the stuff at home. We then went to the Italian grocery chain, Carrefour. I'm a person who can spend a day browsing in a foreign grocery store, but Scott isn't, so we moved quickly. I left with a loaf of crusty bread, some pastries called sfogliatella (basically a dough similar to phyllo and filled with a ricotta cheese filling that has citron and cinnamon. They're a specialty of Naples and are divine. I also took home some Kindereggs for the kids and a basil plant, since my last one died. I'm occasionally death to plants. I made bruschetta with the bread and added the basil to the spaghetti sauce for dinner. The pastries are breakfast this morning. Can't wait until I'm driving alone and can go shopping off-base more often.

I will post my stitching later...I have been a busy bee!


Squazi said...

You have been awarded the You Make Me Smile award. Thank you for making me smile.

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