The weather has been abyssmal here. Overnight we've gone from beautiful mediterranean sun (well, the temp has dropped a bit so it was lovely...I don't do heat at ALL) to cold rain and wind. There's even snow on the surrounding mountains although the temp down here was only 50 degrees F.

Anyway, I've had some time to stitch. And the majority of that, the last two days has been spent frogging. I'm working on Tuscany town again, and I noticed that one of the 4 sections of part 2 was misplaced...1 stitch row off. Just enough to throw the whole thing off. So I've frogged away.

At least I was entertained...I'm catching up with Desperate Housewives. I was told that it's a good show so I decided to try it out. I'm now happy to say that I'm addicted. I can watch and fantasize that my house is perfect, like Bree's, when in reality, there's dishes in the sink. Don't judge me! Bree's not perfect either! LOL.

Tommorrow I have to figure out how to help Sara build a hat out of posterboard for a school project.

Here's Sara in her soccer uniform (football to those not of American persuasion). Her team has won both games that they've played. My daughter is more of the "pick dandelions and stare at the sky" personality, but she's having some fun. I enjoy watching the games and am thinking of watching some professional games on tv. If anyone knows a good team to root for, let me know.


Suzanne said...

Don't you just hate it when you miscount your stitches? I do it all the time. Please send the cold weather this way. It's been 35C for the last two days and I'm over it.

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