Shrimp Enchiladas or AKA Spend an extra hour at the gym

Tonight for dinner I made Shrimp Enchiladas that I found on the My Kitchen Cafe which is a wonderful website full of delicious recipes ran be Melanie.  If you haven't been there, check it out.  It's a gold mine.

Anyway, this recipe is know your socks off, food-gasm delicious.  Bursting full of shrimp, tomatoes, and creamy cheese sauce, this one is great comfort food, and I'm already trying to think of an occasion to cook it for company to show off.

Chop some red and green bell peppers and mince half a cup of onion.

Melt half a stick of butter...

 Sautee onions and peppers in butter until tender crisp.

Grab some heavy cream..

And spices and flour...

and cook until slightly thickened.

Add half of the cheese...
And the sour cream
.  Mix well and set aside.

Melt the rest of the butter...

Throw in the Shrimp...

And the remaining chopped onion.

Sautee until pink.  I undercooked it a little because it still has to go into the oven and I don't want these little guys to be tough.

Remove the shrimp and chop.

Return the chopped shrimp to the butter and onions.

Add the tomato..
And half of the cheese sauce. Mix well and set aside.  It will be slightly runny, but this is a good thing.

Grab some tortillas.  I used 8.
Fill with 1/3 cup of the shrimp mix. This looks good enough to eat right now!

Top with some cheese, roll tightly and place in greased 9x13 pan. Repeat.

8 fit in my pan.  I still had some filling so I spooned it in on the sides.

Top with the rest of the cheese sauce and remaining cheese.

Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes.  This was after 30.  Wipe up the drool puddles on the floor from your family waiting for dinner while they smell this.
Just a closer look.



Velva said...

Oh my! That does look quite delicious! This would be a fabulous recipe idea for entertaining. I wonder if you could make this in batches and freeze for a quick weeknight dinner...Hmmm.

Gina said...

Probably..try it and tell me how it goes!

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