The Best Turkey Gravy Ever

My good friend Allison taught me to make gravy and boy is this gravy spectacular....I could almost bathe in's so good.  Never will I use the gravy packets that come with the turkey...this is delicious and easy.

First things first...I think you're supposed to use something like 2 tbsp of pan drippings from the turkey.  I almost always bake turkey breasts only because, hey, white meat is how we roll here at the lodge.    That means not nearly as much drippings as in a whole turkey.  Because of this, I use all of the drippings.  You heard right, grab your heart pills.  Now something to deglaze the pan:

Red wine.  Yes I know turkey is poultry and you're supposed to  have white wine with it but just try it.  Trust me.  Turkey is a richer, heavier poultry.  It works.  I used this lovely fruity wine that I'll probably not be able to find in the states.  It translates to "Cherries of the Earth"  Use something that you would drink happily...I always drink red with turkey dinner.

With the roasting pan on the stove, heat up the drippings and pour in the wine, scraping up the stuck bits.  That's deglazing and those bits are flavor flavor flavor!

After a minute or so, put in a couple of teaspoons of flour and stir fry it, basically.  You're forming a roux and you want it about the consistency of peanut butter.  Cook that for a least 10-15 minutes.  It develops flavor and gets rid of the raw-flour taste.

Pour in your stock.  Sometimes if I make a whole turkey I boil the next with some carrots, onion and celery while the turkey is baking to make turkey stock.  When just making the breasts I used pre-packaged stock....about 2-3 cups.  Whisk well to dissolve the roux into the stock.  Keep whisking.  Reduce the heat a bit and let it simmer. Season with salt and fresh ground pepper. It's going to reduce so don't overdo it.`

This has been cooking about 20 minutes and it's hard to see from the pic but it's a very rich, dark color and thickened nicely. 

Pour into gravy strainer..this will get rid of the lumps and stuff that some people find unappetizing.  Pour into your preferred gravy server and Voila!


Cathy said...

I'm going to try that...looks great. I have no idea about the wine though. I may have to experiment...won't that be awful? lol

Gina said...

No, you don't taste it, trust me! I don't generally like foods cooked with wine because I like the wine in my glass...not cooked. It's fantastic!

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