So Here I Sit....A Short Critique on Military Travel part one.

As I sit here in our economy priced military lodgings contemplating the last day and a half, the phrase that comes to mind when making a military move is "FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD FLY COMMERCIAL."

You see, bright and early tommorrow morning (Friday for you folks out there reading this) we were SUPPOSED to be on an airplane flying back to the USA..a land of myth and home that I haven't even glanced at in 2 years and 319 days.  Loaded with enough Dramamine to make even the most  seasick of sailors A OK and snuggling a warm baby, I was to be snoozing in my airline seat while gracious flight attendants plied me with beverages and headphones for the in-flight movie. (Well, maybe that's asking a bit much.) Soon we would be landing in balmy Jacksonville, ready to board our pre-scheduled, paid for, non-refundable $700 flight to Atlanta.  (Thinking that Blogger needs an "Ominous" font that I could have put "non-refundable in, because that's right, kids, you know what's coming.)

Honestly, at this point I'd be pleased to be tied loosely with a bungee cord to the wing.

We were informed by a phone call yesterday that our flight was delayed.  We'd leave Saturday, we were told.  I'm actually grateful for the phone call, especially since another mom who is on the flight was notified by her son, who heard the news from a teacher at the school.   Excellent communication system there is, here.

We settle in here and are prepared to wait until we are told to report to the airport tommorrow with all our baggage anyway, as they are going to take it then shuttle us to a hotel to wait until Saturday.  Fabulous.  From word of mouth of others who have been through this, it's usually a hotel somewhere out in the middle of nowhere with no nearby restaurants.  Not exactly ideal for a family with 3 children under 5 and no transportation (turned in the rental car today as required.)  So we suck in our breaths, stiffen our respective upper lips, sighing over the lost $700 that we spent on our own non-refundable flights from Jacksonville to Atlanta, where we are staying for Christmas.  Of course we could reschedule a flight for next week, for an additional $1100.  Oh yes, that's including the $600 that we have now as a credit.  It would have been $1700. 

Already depressed over this news and the constant drizzle soaking Naples over the last few days, we resign ourselves to waiting.  I start to try to look at the bright lighten try for a more positive attitude. That is until my husband approaches with a look of frustration and irritation to the nth degree.  See if you can guess what news I'm about to hear...

"Delayed until Sunday now."

And of course they still want our bags tommorrow.  What they're going to do with them for two days is beyond me.  Stay tuned for more delightful tales of our travels.  Maybe we'll even make it home for New Years.


Velva said...

I feel for you! Sunday w/o delay will be here before you know it! It's rainy and cold here too. Good luck on your flight home.
Soon, you will be writing your posts from Jacksonville.

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