Jacksonville or I Should Host a Cooking Reality Show

We made it to sunny, warm freezing overcast Jacksonville on Tuesday.  We're buying a home:

The builder has taken the house off of it's website (YAY!) so I can't show pictures of the inside (or the kitchen) but it's fabulous.  Not so fabulous:  living in a hotel room with only a microwave and a dorm size fridge.

So I'm thinking of starting a blog challenge/reality bit about how to feed a family of six for 3 WEEKS with only a microwave...

Supertarget offered a plethora of ideas...and served as a veritable wonderland as I've been pretty much relying on Navy commissaries for the last 3 years as my primary grocery outlet.  Amazing the things on the market!  The beautiful produce!  More than 2 kinds of apple!!  Snack packs with hummus!!!

Ok, Gina, get with the game...we're also onlimited funding (thank you $88 per night for hotel room.)

Tonight's menu:  ChiChi's microwaveable taco meat on tortilla chips with lettuce, cheese and salsa.

Check back tommorrow to see if we've survived.  Add ideas in comments;  I sure can use them!


Sarah said...

How exciting! I can't believe how cold it is here in FL right now. Brrrrr.

When I was pregnant with my middle child we started a major house renovation. The week before I was due they tore out the entire kitchen and master bath. The only running water I had was the small bathroom and the toaster and microwave were the only appliances. I made lots of PBandJ waffle sandwiches. Luckily the newborn was nursing so I didn't have to deal with bottles. It was terrible timing but we made it :)

Sarah said...

Oh, and having this kind of setup before moving into a nice new roomy kitchen makes it all the more wonderful! For now you can dream of all the space you will have :)

Velva said...

Gina, youa re going to be feeling over the top when you move into your new house. I think the first ting you are going to want to do is stock your kitchen!

I don't have any suggestions for family microwave cooking but, have you thought about a small electric griddle or a small George Foreman grill? You could make little burgers or grilled sandwiches using lunch meat and cheese,etc. Just an idea.
Good luck to you!!!

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