Home Sweet Home

We've made it into our house finally, and are unpacking.  It feels good to be in a real HOUSE finally after years in military housing.  Knowing something is yours is definitely a good thing, psychologically.  And with 2300 square feet it's nice to finally not be crowded like we were in Italy with only 1200 livable square feet.

Here's our new little girl that we added to our family.   Isn't she sweet?

She's an 11 week old Siberian Husky...Her name is Kaya.  We're so excited!

Now off to watch the Superbowl...as a born and bred New Orleanian, all I can say is WHO DAT!!!!  Go Saints!!!!


Sarah said...

Yay for the real house!! Yay for the Husky! I had two huskies many years back. They are the most beautiful dogs. They are also too smart for their own good....watch out :)

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