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This month is a slow reading month for me.  I used to go through several books a WEEK pre-twins.  That number dwindled substantially since I had them for obvious reasons but this month is a new record in low, what with getting our household goods, unpacking, decorating and getting ready for the SCA even this past weekend.  I do usually try to at read for at least 30 minutes at night no matter what, and being a relatively fast reader I can get through my reading list that way.

First up is  The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

I usually try to read  a book before the movie it is based on comes out and this time was no exception, though parts were spoiled by the CONSTANT barrage of previews.  I'm glad to hear that the movie (which I haven't yet seen) differs a bit from the book.  It's the story of Percy, a troubled 12 year old, who finds himself repeated expelled from schools.  Now at a new school, the pattern appears to be repeating again, with trouble with other students and a few abnormally difficult teachers.  Again expelled, but with an ally in one teacher he goes home to his mom and abusive step father.  When on their way back from a short vacation with his mother they find themselves attacked by mysterious creatures and he ends up seeking refuge at a nearby summer camp pointed out by his mother.  Adventure and new friendships ensue.

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, then this is for you.  The similarities are endless..boy with a troubled life, mysterious missing parent(s) goes to a magical school/camp  for other kids like himself and finds friends and adventure.  What made this interesting for me were the characters taken from the Greek pantheon.  While usually portrayed more formally and austerely, they were down-to-earth, interesting and often humorous characters.  Give this book a whirl if you have time or encourage your pre-teens to read.  It's great.

Next up is The Gargoyle by Andrew Davison.

A man, specifically, a man who is a drug addict and porn star drives his car off of a cliff one evening after hallucinating a volley of arrows coming directly for him. His car bursts into flames and he becomes a victim horrifying burns and injuries.  While  in the hospital he meets a psychiatric patient named Marianne who is completely convinced that they have known each other in past lives.  While he continues his recovery she comes to him often telling stories of their past where he has been burned before.  They begin a love affair that has burned for centuries and continues during their remaining time together.

This synopsis is extremely simplified for such a complex, moving story.  The protagonist is a cynical atheist....his belief in nothing and promise to himself to end his own life see changes as the story progresses.  Marianne's insanity becomes more and more sane as the story goes on.  I find the historical details in the stories she tells fascinating and the entire journey beautiful, heartbreaking and at times hideous.  I truly couldn't recommend this book any more highly.

I am currently reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett and will post about that next time.

Upcoming reads for March are:



Carrie said...

The Lightening Thief sure is popular this month! (Is this a good time to confess that I hadn't heard of it OR the movie until just last week?) Ah hem.

Anyway, sounds like you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing!

Gina said...

It's a good, quick, light read.

Wendy said...

My daughter (18) is a huge fan of this series, and has been after me to read them. I'm glad to know another adult enjoyed it!

Nise' said...

Enjoy The Hunger Games. I have got to get to The Help!

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