March What's On My Nightstand

It's difficult to get a whole lot of reading done when you're chasing after 4 kids (that's not including husband-child), a new puppy and trying to sew an entire wardrobe for your family for the SCA...something new that needs to be made always comes up.  I look back longingly at the days when I could go through a book a day and now wonder if I'll ever even come close reading the 100 books in the 100 book challenge that I"m participating in.  It's March and I'm only at 12.

Nonetheless, I was able to read some, which is a good thing.  My stack this month looks like this (digital stack, since the read ones have been responsibly returned to the library.)  Join us for more stacks at 5 minutes for books


Anonymous said...

Well this month has been devoted to readng the ENTIRE McGregor series by Nora Roberts and I am down to 2 left to read. I just started the next to last one last night and I will probabley have it done by tomorrow night. Then I will start on the next. I hope to have it read by the first weekend of April. My favorite author is Nora Roberts then Nicholas Sparks the author of The Notebook. I would love to sit with you and talk books anytime and maybe to some book swaping.Lady Angela of Castlemere

Carrie said...

Yup - it IS hard to find time to read under those conditions! But it's always fun to be inspired by new books on the shelf. Even if all we're doing is looking at them some days instead of reading.

Hope you have a great month of reading ahead of you!

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